Check out our recent uploads of projects from last year, we’ve finally found a moment to get them on the website! 


Lighting up the Chinese Arch, the Black-E and The Arch for an hour each night, this huge and beautiful lumiere creation was based on the story of the an emperor’s daughter who, after perishing at sea, transformed into a bird and endeavoured to fill the ocean with twigs and stones to prevent anyone else from meeting the same fate. The story was then adapted to showcase how Chinatowns in Liverpool, and around the world, have developed from the seeds sown and the pebbles laid by the earliest Chinese settlers, and how these small ‘islands’ have developed into the vibrant and diverse communities we see today.

It was a fascinating project,  great to work with Culture  Liverpool again, and  working closely with Pagoda Arts, First Take and others to weave together many celebratory elements of the Chinese community in Liverpool into a light and sound spectacle.  Some footage here from Al Stirling.


We are thrilled to be working with Walk the Plank once again on the spectacular

event for Paphos European Capital of Culture in July.  With an amazing team of

collaborators, we will be mapping the iconic Castle on the harbour, in a

celebration of Cyprus and the Eternal Voyagers of this incredible country. 

Artist impression below - watch this space for more.


Working with the National Museum of the Royal Navy, we’ve just embarked on a new permanent projection on their iconic X-24 class submarine.  Exploring the story of these remarkable mini subs, the surface of the sub will come alive with heat, noise, water and waves as the brave submariners within are glimpsed preparing for attack.  We’re really looking forward to bringing this space alive and working with a great team at the Submarine Museum.